Garfield's Thanksgiving Spectacular

When Jon Arbuckle puts Garfield on a diet the day before Thanksgiving it gets him into hot water (boiling, actually... for mashed potatoes.) Garfield will stop at nothing to get his delicious, nutritious, traditional Thanksgiving lasagna... so he ties Jon up and invites his own wacky friends over to celebrate. Who knows who will show up? One things for sure, there will be no shortage of Garfield's patented brand of laziness, smug sarcasm, and intense passion for lasagna.

Hosted by Kerry O'Neill (Jon Arbuckle) and Tyler Phillips (Garfield)
Jacob Wysocki
Alana Johnston
Mark Shroeder
Norm Sousa
Connie Shin
Thomas Ouellette
Brock McKenzie
Lyndsey Frank
Sarah Stoecker
Ruha Taslimi