Tonya Harding: The Musical

Tonya Harding: The Musical is the harrowing and infamous story of Olympic figure skater Tonya Harding, told through her perspective in the form of a musical.

Watch as Tonya's life unfolds before you. From the lows of growing up in Oregon with her eccentric mother (bird included), to the highs of winning '91 nationals, immediately to the lows of being over shadowed by little miss perfect Nancy Kerrigan and her marriage to sleaze ball Jeff Gilooly. The story you thought you knew. The story of a small town girl with a big dream, who was willing to do anything to make it come true.

Tonya Harding the Musical has performed to sold out crowds, and has been featured in MusicalsinLA, LA Weekly, E! News Online, and was featured as LAist's "17 favorite events". The show was also featured on E! network's "Live From E!" 

Written and Directed by Jesse Esparza
Songs by Manny Hagopian

Special thanks to Steve Szlaga