Playhouse Masterpieces Presents: We Wish You A Silly Spoofmas

Every year, legendary parody songwriters Reggie Crimples and Oliver Dandyflower (Paul Rust and Neil Campbell) -- the acclaimed team behind "Rudolph the Bread-Nosed Reindeer" and "Let it Dough", amongst countless other holiday classics -- invite all of their friends over to celebrate the holidays and join them in singing spoofs of holiday songs! No Christmas carol is safe! Neither is Grandma!!! (A certain bread-nosed reindeer once ran over her.)

Also featuring:
Caroline Anderson & Nick Wiger
Eva Anderson
Michael Blaiklock
Michael Cassady
Jen D’Angelo
Michael Hanford
Jessica Jean Jardine & Tim Kalpakis
Allan McLeod
Mike Mitchell
Rose O'Shea
Carl Tart