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IFC developing several series from UCB alumni

Aug 17, 2017

IFC announced a development slate for the 2018 season including three projects from UCB alumni.  Congratulations to creators Jocelyn DeBoer & Dawn Luebbe, Carl Foreman Jr. and Josh Ruben.

Greener Grass
Based on a short film of the same name, the small town of Greener
Grass is a living Norman Rockwell painting whose welcome sign boasts
“Nothing bad ever happens here.” However, beneath the town’s gilded
facade lies a world of bad things happening. Starring, written and
executive produced by Upright Citizens Brigade alums Jocelyn DeBoer and
Dawn Luebbe.

Frank and Lamar
Based on the IFC Comedy Crib series, Frank and Lamar are two
best friends who live together and work together as middle school
teachers in New York City. Workplace drama and romance issues cause
havoc in their otherwise smooth friendship so they are forced to decide
whether to stick together or go it alone. Created by and starring Carl
Foreman Jr.
and Anthony Gaskins.

Lee’s Kill List
Trapped in an oppressive work environment, Lee takes matters into her
own hands by killing the bullies and bosses that threaten her job as a
cleaning solution salesperson. Created, written and directed by Josh
and Vince Peone (

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Congratulations to Just For Laughs New Faces of 2017

Jul 24, 2017

The 2017 Just For Laughs New Faces have been announced!

Congratulations to UCB alums, performers and writers Glenn Boozan, The Cooties, Matt Gehring, Yoni Lotan, Avery Monsen, Kat Palardy, Matt Rogers and John Trowbridge, named amongst "the next wave of comedy talent."


Geoff Dow
Ana Fabrega
Heidi Gardner
Matt Gehring
Yoni Lotan
Avery Monsen
Kat Palardy
Bill Posley
Matt Rogers
John Trowbridge


Glenn Boozan
Quinta Brunson
The Cooties
Good Cop Great Cop
Handsome Dancer
Juhahn Jones
Brandon Rogers

Src: Just For Laughs
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