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Casey & Jo Jo


Casey & Jo Jo is a fast-paced foursome made up of Casey Feigh, Fran Gillespie, Joe Hartzler, and Josh Simpson. Witness the lost artform of the improv tag out performed with breathtaking precision throughout a barrage of improvised scenes.

$5.00 - Online Reservations Unavailable

Two Dudes Kissing + Miracle Violence



Tree humping, improvised recipes, utilities scams, rashy bottoms, aliens named Marc, and a mystery so unsolved, so secret, so forbidden, it's like area 51 fucked the JFK assassination.
Heather Anne Campbell (Saturday Night Live, Whose Line is it Anyway?, The Eric Andre Show) presents a half-hour of fast, subversive, off-kilter comedy. Written, directed by, and starring Heather because it's her goddamned show. Featuring guest performers

$5.00 - Sold Out

La, La, La, LA: A Puppet Musical + Bonafide presents: The 1999 Sketch Show


L.A. deserves its own puppet musical about how life sucks sometimes. Follow Joe Green and his friends in this puppet musical, as they experience commercial auditions, terrible (but flexible) part-time jobs, and worst of all, living in the Valley.
Ever wonder what a sketch show from 1999 looked like? Well look no further because long-running UCB sketch team Bonafide is putting one up! So pop the red pill, ditch the Fight Club, and buy your ticket before the Y2K bug hits.

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Last Day of School: The Txt Msg Show + Convoy


Improv based off of YOUR text messages.
Quick, smart and funny, Convoy has been selling out shows since before Obama took office. Come see why.

$5.00 - Sold Out

Location & Directions

5919 Franklin Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90028

(323) 908-8702