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Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre has affordable, comedy shows seven nights a week in NYC and LA. Watch the best improv, sketch and standup in the country. Our original comedy video productions have garnered the national spotlight. We also run the first nationally accredited improv and sketch comedy school in the country. For information on our courses, visit the Training Center.

Sentimental Lady: Lost and Found

Diaries. Jewelry. Puppies. Someone lost it, you found it. Sentimental Lady presents an entirely improvised show based on objects that YOU found!

Bring items you've found in attics, on the street, in antique stores or anywhere and watch as they're taken and turned into a hilarious, one-time-only show!

Sentimental Lady is:

Suzi Barrett

Alex Berg

Mel Cowan

Todd Fasen

Alex Fernie

Johnny Meeks

Joel Spence

"[The] members of the UCB team Sentimental Lady are among the most powerful mind melders in L.A. improv...Together they improvise like a basketball team passing the ball, encouraging the audience to focus on a single player, then another, then another. Occasionally someone goes up for a three-point shot. Sometimes you see things that seem impossible."

Michael Mullen - Los Angeles Magazine, December 2009

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