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Teddy Roosevelt's Presidential Funk Pad
with Adam Pally, Thomas Middleditch, Nicole Byer, Brian Huskey, more!
Fri July 5, 2013
8:00pm PDT
5919 Franklin Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90028


July 4th Party Part II At Teddy Roosevelt's Presidential Funk Pad

President Teddy Roosevelt invites you past the velvet rope into his heavenly champagne room, filled to the grotto with America's all-time VIP's. If you ever wanted to see Ben Franklin do a line off Harry Truman's dick, this is the place. Hell, even Nixon is having a good time (yeah, he's up here, haters to the left).

This is where the real Americans go when they die, if they could afford it!

Featuring patriotic performances destined to stiffen your flag pole and make your grand canyon gush. It's going to be a funky good time. Alright, alright.

Hosted by:

Mike Still
Lee Rubenstein 
Thomas Middleditch 
Fran Gillispie
Nicole Beyer
Brian Huskey
Adam Pally


Farley Elliott and Andrew Portner
Jonny Svarzbein and Scott Davis
Madeline Walter
Nick Ciarelli and Bradford Evans
Hamilton 100
Dumbshit Mountain
Gut Bomb
Katie Willert and Leann Bowen
John Ford
Gilli Nissim
Corey Johnson 
Bridgid Ryan
Jess Lane