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Coming Clean
Free to UCBTLA students w/ID
Tue March 5, 2013
11:00pm PST
5919 Franklin Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90028



Former Harold night stalwart Bangarang! is taking over Tuesday nights at UCB. Come see these eight wonderful weirdos build and destroy ridiculous worlds together with reckless abandon, childlike wonder, and laser guided precision. Buckle up, and hold onto yer butts, cause we're about to melt your face with fun.

Betsy Sodaro
David Theune
Ryan Meharry
Jacob Reed
Adam McCabe
Ryan Stanger
Toni Charline
Lauren Lapkus

"One of the quickest, most connected teams in the game." - Splitsider

Coming Clean

Got a secret? Something terrible that you've never told anybody?  Come to UCB and get it off your chest! Some of UCBTLA's top improvisers do scenes based off of your confessions. Don't worry, it's anonymous so nobody will know it was you who masturbated in the Burger King bathroom. Or who pushed your little sister into that dog poop. Or who stole that bottle of Xanax from your grandmom. Just write it on a postcard and slip it in the pile. Who needs therapy when you can just come clean?


Kevin Pedersen
Amanda Sitko
Monika Smith

Hal Rudnick
Will McLaughlin

Check out some secrets from past shows!  www.ucbcomingclean.tumblr.com