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Talking Is Hard
Everybody's Dumb and Boring
Thu February 7, 2013
8:00pm PST
5919 Franklin Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90028


Talking Is Hard

Susan is having a couple girlfriends over for a book club. It’s not a big deal. Everything’s gonna be fine. She bought tapenade. Except, ugh she looks so stupid in this skirt and her coffee table is too small for all these snacks and why won’t those helicopters stop circling her apartment???

A sketch-play in one act

Written by Tricia McAlpin
Directed by Neil Campbell
Featuring Jessica Jardine, Marcy Jarreau, Ann Maddox, Tricia McAlpin and Eugene Cordero


Everybody's Dumb and Boring

It's not that Joanna Bradley hates people, she just hates when they talk or do things.

In this one-asshole show, Joanna Bradley makes fun of me, you and everyone we know. Join her on this journey of merciless ridicule.  You won't be sorry and neither will she. Because she's never sorry. Because she's an asshole.

Written by and starring Joanna Bradley
Directed by Rebecca Drysdale