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Boners & Bread
Les Sizzlerables
Thu January 3, 2013
8:00pm PST
5919 Franklin Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90028


Boners & Bread: A Tragedy With Jokes

The true life story of a boy who was better at breaking his boner than he was at breaking bread and why he doesn't really feel like that's his fault.

Cast: Lee Rubenstein


Les Sizzlerables

Les Miserables, the novel by Victor Hugo that became a French musical, then a British musical, then a Broadway musical, then a movie, then probably a graphic novel or something, then a movie-musical, is now a musical set in and about a Sizzler! Finally, the half hour modern interpretation of an epic classic through the storytelling filter of a beloved American chain restaurant we all deserve.

Written by Richie Root, Zach Reino, and Lindsay Katai
Directed by Lindsay Katai
Piano Accompaniment - Max Haymer

Zach Reino
Richie Root

Lindsay Katai
Megan Heyn
Lauren Reeder
Jeff Newman
Casey Feigh
Mike Carlson
Lilan Bowden
Wilder Smith

Chris Teregis
The Joy Of Musical Theater
Nadia Osman